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Electric Cars and Solar Panels

Electric Cars and Solar Panels

Advancements in solar technology

Electric cars are an advancement towards environmentally friendly transportation. They're not only an eco-conscious choice but also put money back in your pocket. On average, studies have shown electric car maintenance, repair, and operation will be nearly two-thirds of what you'd spend on a comparable gas-powered vehicle. Electric cars are becoming cheaper as they become more of a mainstream favorite. They've become a more viable transportation option as research has allowed manufacturers to guarantee a range of 200 miles and above. Although some drivers may be anxious their car will run out of power before a recharging station, technology is advancing.

Environmentally Friendly power

Electric cars are environmentally friendly; they have less of an impact on the environment than cars using fossil fuels. Although these cars are limited by their range without a charge, charging stations are becoming more prominent and are replacing gas stations. These stations are sleek and modern. Tesla has developed their charging lounges to be elegant, yet functional for the modern worker. Users are also able to have a charging unit within their home. Electric cars can be charged in as little as one hour and this could decrease as technology advances.

Benefits of using renewable energy

The benefits electric cars present are plentiful. Electric car users can save money on gasoline, and go green with electric cars. These cars have lower emissions than regular cars and help cut down on smog that plagues major cities. Owners can rest assured that they are making a difference in their community by reducing their smog output. Similarly, public transportation has started reducing their own emissions by going electric.

Vehicle Models

Several premium carmakers, such as BMW and Tesla, have already created electric cars. BMW has provided LAPD (Los Angeles Police Department) with several hundred electric cars, all with a goal to improve the community and surrounding environment. This is the first major instance of a government agency incorporating electric vehicles into their fleet. Tesla leap-frogged the competition, being designated as a luxury car brand from the beginning. Their P100D model destroys assumptions that electric vehicles are slow and clunky. With a 0-60 of just 2.4 seconds, this electric car has more pick-up than most production, gas-guzzling vehicles; the forthcoming 2020 Testa Roadster is rumored to break the 2-second mark, coming in at just 1.9 seconds from 0-60. Electric vehicles are here to stay, call us call us today to see how solar electric power can work for you.

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