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The Secret to Solar Energy

The Secret to Solar Energy

The last decade has further pushed the application of solar energy into the public eye. Companies like SunPower and Tesla are displaying to us as a society that the ability to utilize clean energy is not only possible, it's efficient. As our research and environmental analysis continue, humanity is beginning to wake up and realize how vital clean energy is to the preservation of Mother Earth herself. Solar energy now stands at the helm of a new wave that is the clean energy movement. Every day more and more people are signing up to do their part in this fight and the progress is clearly visible. Solar panels have emerged as the people's number one choice in contributing to the spread of clean energy. Whether they're on our roofs or in solar farms out in the desert, solar panels seem to be everywhere. The movement to eliminate fossil fuels and save our environment has made Solar PV technology incredibly popular. Interestingly enough, with solar technology gaining such popularity, there seems to be a basic question on everyone's mind.

How do they work?

It would be a lot easier to have Neil deGrasse Tyson sit down and give his explanation, but we'll do our best. As we all learned growing up, the Sun is the base for all the energy in life on our planet. Its energy feeds our plant life, which then provides us with our air and feeds us. Now in addition to grass and flowers, our sun is feeding our solar panels. The sun does this by sending tiny particles, called photons, in waves which carry energy toward Earth. These photons travel millions of miles to earth. In fact, the sun emits enough of these particles each hour to power the whole world for a year. Now it's our job to catch them and put that into action. Our panels are made up of circuits comprised of thousands of tiny solar cells. When photons hit our solar panels they excite the Silicon atoms within the solar cells. Tiny electrons on the molecular scale bounce around creating energy that is passed through the circuits. Think of each solar panel as one giant, clean energy battery. Power generated from these panels is a stable form of renewable energy that can help reduce electric bills and benefit the environment. Rather than producing expensive electricity created with fossil fuels, solar panels produce cheaper electricity, allowing users to retain a return on their investment through the electric company. Also, the panels themselves have become more affordable over time through research and increased production. Solar panels can be used by both homeowners and business owners to reduce their dependence on fossil fuels. This is a brilliant process that is changing our world is powered as we speak.


Solar power allows users to create their own energy at the fraction of the cost compared to traditional methods. This is a viable option for users to become less dependent on fossil fuels and create their own electricity. Solar panels allow them to reduce their electric bills and, if they install enough modules and produce enough energy, consumers can realize an annual credit with their electric company. This is because the grid uses the excess energy produced by the user. Users also have the option of storing their previously created electricity in their battery pack for cloudy days.

What if there's no sunshine?

Northern California is no stranger to gloomy weather and still, we see a huge solar energy presence. This may seem inefficient, but do not fear, the inventors of the future have thought this through. On a sunny day, more often than not, our solar panels produce more power than we need. This excess is fed back into the power grid and measured in a process called net metering. Each customer with solar appliances gets credit for the power they give back. That credit allows a solar user to draw energy from the grid whenever there is a lack of sunshine for their own appliances. So for our friends in the greater Sacramento area, even when the winter hits, don't worry, The Solar Builders have you covered.

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